About Asgard Photography

Hello! My name is Nathan Lyle. Asgard Photography is my excuse to get outside more often. It’s part creative expression, part therapy, and maybe some day mostly a career.

Some of the reason for the “Asgard” name choice was sort of a dedication to my dad, Dave Lyle. He also enjoyed photography and sold his work under the name Norwegian Images. The rest of the motivation comes primarily from my Norwegian background (which my dad connected to later in his life.) Asgard is one of the Nine Worlds, located on the highest plane, and is home to a race of warrior gods ruled by Odin. If you’re Norwegian (or if you’ve watched any of the Thor movies) you’re probably already familiar with the name. The Asgard were also a race of aliens in one of my favorite old scifi shows, Stargate.

Almost immediately after I had my first digital camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T3, I found myself drawn to hike out into the polar vortex-ified cold along the shore of Lake Superior, hunting new sights. While my favorite place to take photos is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I’m often exploring the outdoors in lower Michigan, and surrounding states, with dreams of visiting places farther away.  

I currently use a Canon EOS 80D, which I got early in 2018 after using Canon’s EOS 70D for a few years and growing to feel comfortable with it. 

What This Blog is For

I’ve set up this photo blog to share not just photos, but my experiences in capturing the images. (To that end I will be posting camera settings, locations, etc.) If you’re an aspiring photographer, maybe you’ll find some ideas and inspiration here. If you have a photography website where you post your work, let me know and I’ll include it on my Other Photographers page.

My hope is that you’ll enjoy seeing what gets posted, and that you’ll comment and share them with others.