Analog is Prologue

While taking some photos of the Mackinac Bridge around sunset, I found myself getting distracted by the other folks there to see the bridge (it had it’s Christmas lights on, which I’m guessing was part of the draw.) Rather than annoyed at the crowd though, I found it kind of fascinating for the silhouette – especially with their various lit up screens as they took photos with ipads and iphones, etc. 

In this shot you can see Lake Michigan in the background (with the last bit of setting sunlight) and the bottom of the bridge as it heads up from the tip of lower Michigan. I really liked how the image is framed between the trees and the ground. It was tricky because I was trying to use a slower shutter speed, but you had to time it right to not catch people moving too much. 

Download: Analog_is_Prologue-Asgard_Photography_IMG_3525.jpg

Camera Settings

F-stop: f/29
Exposure: 1/20 seconds
ISO: 6400
Focal Length: 250 mm