Baby Lake Carpet

Growing up in Ishpeming, I spent a lot of time at the Al Quaal park a few blocks from my house. There were lots of trails in the woods we rode our bikes on and wandered through. In our middle school years we hunted chipmunks with bb guns and hide our dirty magazines there too. One of my favorite spots was Baby Lake, where I used to catch little turtles to keep as pets, and sometimes bullhead which would swarm the waters some springs. Every now and then when I get back up that way I wander down to see how much it’s changed. This shot was taken from the South shoreline.

Download: Baby_Lake_Carpet-Asgard_Photography_IMG_1517.jpg

Camera Settings

F-stop: f/6.3
Exposure: 1/250 seconds
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 55 mm