Distant Memory

Right before turning off on a road to explore the Laughing Whitefish area there’s a post office for Deerton, Michigan. Right near that, there’s a house that’s seen better days. Every time I see houses like this (there are many along the roads in the U.P. when you get out away from the towns) it […]


I was excited to find out Toledo had a Botanical Garden, though to be honest I’d been spoiled for it having been to the one in Madison, Wisconsin with my folks. Toledo’s doesn’t have nearly as much in it, though there’s a nice river and bridge and some neat statues. I’m not sure what it […]

Nuclear Ice

Towards the end of winter I like to try to catch ice shots on the Great Lakes. In this case, it was at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area on the shore of Lake Erie in Ohio. Waves had pushed up the ice pretty high in some places, and while it was tempting to climb out on […]

Dam Sunset

After having stopped at the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir earlier in the day when the sun was directly above, a group of photographers I’d gone on a day outing with had decided we’d stop by again on our way home to catch the dam in a lower light setting to allow easier long exposure shots. I was […]