Hunting Overkill

When you visit Lakenenland, one of the first things you’ll find (after the large dinosaur with a fish) is a gun boat in the pond by the entrance. I honestly hadn’t expected to see a boat with a machine gun that day. My guess is that if you’re duck hunting, this is probably more firepower […]

Patriotic Monkey

Sometimes I end up with a photo that feels like a metaphor that I can’t pin down. I got a few of those a while back when a roadside fireworks store had put up several eye catching balloons. There have been dragons, dinosaurs, and this guy. I normally prefer landscape and wildlife, but these kinds […]

Tiger Warrior

They’re not toys, they’re photography equipment. 🙂  Toys R Us had a line of “mutant” animal figures that I ended up buying a few of. At least when I play with toys I try to make art from it. Or something. lol Download: Tiger_Warrior-Asgard_Photography_IMG_7183.jpg Camera Settings F-stop: f/14 Exposure: 1/250 seconds ISO: 100 Focal Length: 43 […]

Goodbye Jake

On one of my trips to Curtiss Park I happened to show up the same time that a Jake the Pirate doll was floating down the Saline River. I’d never heard of Jake before, but it seemed like a great opportunity for an artsier fartsier type of photo than I usually go for. 🙂  I […]