Calming Fall

Bond Falls is an impressive sight. It always strikes me, looking at a picture like this, how the long exposure creates a feeling of smooth and calm, but when you’re actually THERE at the waterfall, the raw power is overwhelming. There’s something to be said for a faster exposure in capturing the energy in the […]

Alone Time

The local government decided to rope off access to one of the better photography destinations in the area for some reason. I decided it wasn’t worth risking dealing with police, so just took some photos from the overlook. It was very disappointing after driving several hours to get there. Not everyone worried about the signage […]

Dry for Now

I didn’t actually wade out into the water for this shot, though I could have with some boots, it wasn’t too deep. I’ve found that with waterfall shots, my secondary tripod has been invaluable… it holds the camera about 6 inches off the ground and is great when you want a lower perspective. In this […]

Wagner Falls Thawing

DOWNLOAD:¬†Wagner_Falls_Thawing_Asgard_Photography_IMG_7534.jpg One of the many great things about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the number of waterfalls you can get to without too much trouble. This photo was taken at Wagner Falls in Munising, just off the main road, with only a few hundred feet walk from the parking area. I’ve always found it […]

Mini Falls

One of the things I’m trying to get better at is playing around with “leading lines” in an image… sometimes you can achieve it with some creative cropping. In this case, I’d been playing around with a different tripod that brings the camera closer to the ground, but also with just trying to get closer […]