Under The Cut River Bridge

Long before I had my first Canon camera, I was running around with my Android smart phone and getting caught up in taking photos… largely without really knowing what I was doing. I would just get interested in different things I saw. In this case there’s a passageway under the Cut River Bridge along US 2 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that looked very interesting to me if you angled it just right so you couldn’t see the very modern looking door in the left wall or the metal railing I’m standing backed up against.

I felt this image looked a bit “out of time” and I really liked the lighting. There’s a little bit of Photoshop tinkering with the coloring and noise levels, but not too excessively. This was one of my first images that I couldn’t really explain why I found it as fascinating as I do… though now I’m able to see it’s the lighting and the lines.

Download: Under_the_Cut_River_Bridge-Asgard_Photography_2012-04-08.jpg

Camera Settings

Smart Phone: DROIDX
F-stop: f/2.8
Exposure: 1/40 seconds
ISO: 115
Focal Length: 5 mm