Evening Adventure

DOWNLOAD: Evening_Adventure_Asgard_Photography_IMG_7812.jpg

The Black Rocks area of Presque Isle (in Marquette, Michigan) is great for sunsets most days, but especially when the waves have left pools of water up in the rocks, to reflect the sun and sky. When I'm there, I probably take about a hundred shots for every one that I end up liking, because I constantly try changing the position of the camera (lower or higher, vertical or horizontal, etc.) along with varying settings to try to get the most of the light. Anyone that has spent time taking pictures of sunsets knows how variable the conditions are - it's almost impossible to plan for anything specific.

In particular, I really like when I can show people in the distance (silhouette is even better) in landscape shots like this one... I think without them the photo wouldn't be nearly as interesting. 

Camera Settings

Camera: Canon EOS 80D
F-stop: f/20
Exposure: 1/250 seconds
ISO: 1000
Focal Length: 17mm