Evening Avian Meeting

There's so many variables in photography... I often struggle with knowing the right choice in foreground / background focus. In this case, I intentionally let the background be more blurry than I'd normally like, because the leaf cover was kind of swampy looking in general - I wanted to keep that more abstract. Plus, it ended up allowing the swarms of bugs to show up, where I think they would have otherwise gotten lost in the pixels. The main thing I liked about this though was that there's three kids of birds all hanging out like they're having a union meeting. They're usually a bit more territorial than this. I also liked that they were sitting right on the border of the setting sun and the shadow - I like the layered effect that results. 

Download: Evening_Avian_Meeting_Asgard_Photography_IMG_8348.jpg

Camera Settings

Camera: Canon EOS 80D
F-stop: f/14
Exposure: 1/200 seconds
ISO: 1000
Focal Length: 600mm