Frozen Sand

I will always like Lake Superior better, but Lake Michigan often does a good close second, depending on the location. This was taken at a common rest stop when I’m traveling to or from the U.P., at Naubinway Public Beach off of US2.

One of the many random photography tips I’d read online at some point over the years was to take shots from different perspectives by holding the camera lower or higher than eye level. It’s a great easy way to add interest to a shot, as it automatically shows a scene from a non-standard perspective. In some cases it’s tricky though, with landscape shots, as holding the camera at ground level will mean that the foreground (the ground from up close to off in the distance) can compress into a flat space hiding a lot of detail. It works best when there’s lots of features that allow for a “side” view of themselves, but that don’t block things in the distance. This image isn’t quite the best example of that, but if the rocks were larger, the ones by the water would be hidden by those closer.

In this case, by holding the camera almost on the ground, the small stones up front look a lot bigger in the shot than they did in person (they were all pretty small).

Download: Frozen_Sand_Asgard_Photography_IMG_7321.jpg

Camera Settings

F-stop: f/10
Exposure: 1/200 seconds
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 17mm