Future Sand

Download: Future_Sand_Asgard_Photography_IMG_8013.jpg

I had to wade through about a foot of water to get to this location... there's a rest stop off the highway that has a nice shoreline stretch to wander, but then there's a small river letting out into the lake that you have to cross to get over to this little cove. In a scene like this I always wonder how long it'll take for those rocks to become sand. 

With these kinds of shots, I'm always conflicted on how far above the ground to hold the camera... if you go lower you often get more interesting shots, but you can also easily obscure too much behind the foreground. If you go to high, it often becomes a little less interesting, and while you can then see the foreground better - the background feels like it gets farther away.

Camera Settings

Camera: Canon EOS 80D
F-stop: f/9
Exposure: 1/320 seconds
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 17mm