Snowy Beach

I seem to end up with my favorite photos either on my way into Marquette or on my way out. I tend to stop often (which my youngest isn’t a fan of when he’s with me) so I can wander. It’s a great way to stretch the legs after the long drive up, though a little like procrastination on my way back out.

In this photo, I liked the layered effect centered around the upper right (around 3/4 of the way over and up) point. There’s the trees, then the grass line, then the beach with snow, then the waves, then the clouds, which kind of circle around.

Download: Snowy_Beach-Asgard_Photography_IMG_1421.jpg

Camera Settings

F-stop: f/18
Exposure: 1/125 seconds
ISO: 500
Focal Length: 18mm