Sunset March

I’ve always preferred including people in silhouette if I’m taking photos in public that have people in them. My inner introvert is a little to strong and keeps me from getting up in people’s business. But having people in landscape photos really can enhance them greatly. I think this one is a perfect example – without the family there, this photo would be pretty boring. The colors are pretty, but the waves aren’t doing anything dramatic, and the clouds aren’t overly interesting either. And, actually, the clouds here were photoshopped in, as this was an evening where there was literally NO clouds in the sky for the sunset to do it’s magic.

To be honest though, the kid is my favorite part of this.

Download: Sunset-March_Asgard_Photography_IMG_6899.jpg

Camera Settings

F-stop: f/18
Exposure: 1/125 seconds
ISO: 1600
Focal Length: 55mm