Distant Memory

Right before turning off on a road to explore the Laughing Whitefish area there’s a post office for Deerton, Michigan. Right near that, there’s a house that’s seen better days. Every time I see houses like this (there are many along the roads in the U.P. when you get out away from the towns) it […]

Goodbye Jake

On one of my trips to Curtiss Park I happened to show up the same time that a Jake the Pirate doll was floating down the Saline River. I’d never heard of Jake before, but it seemed like a great opportunity for an artsier fartsier type of photo than I usually go for. 🙂  I […]

Dodging Flowers

Sometimes the best shots are found randomly while you’re driving from one place to another. One one of my trips through the U.P. I drove past an old truck in someone’s front yard alongside the highway. I had to maneuver a bit to find an angle that didn’t show their house and driveway, but I […]

Forgotten Shoreline

A good rule of thumb, if you’re a photographer or even a photography enthusiast, is to always have a camera with you. This photo was taken while visiting somewhere I hadn’t been before, and getting ready to get on board a boat to take the kids out swimming. I’d brought my camera primarily to take […]

Nature Overcomes

A shot of some trees growing under what’s left of the Interurban Bridge at Roche De Boeuf park South/West from Toledo and Maumee. I’ve been trying to get some good sunset pictures at the location and haven’t really gotten what I’ve shot for yet, but I have gotten a few that I was happy with in […]

Hidden Faith

I’m not sure why, but I’m kind of fascinated with cemetery statues. Especially when they are older or are not being kept up well. In this case, I thought it was interesting that the shrub was growing over so much, it had been trimmed, but the people doing so weren’t really keeping it far enough […]