Toad on the Road

I almost ran over this little guy with my car. He was hanging out just outside a house I used to live in. He was very cooperative, he waited while I went back into my house to get my camera and my cheap macro lens, and let me crawl right up to him with the […]

Deez Nuts

On one of my trips to Kensington Metropark in Michigan, the weather ended up being a bit more rainy than I’d hoped for. A lot of the animals were camped out rather than moving around. However, this little guy practically mugged me for some of the bird seed I’d brought… following me down a path […]

Feather Ball

Kensington Metropark is one of my favorite parks to visit in Michigan. There’s usually lots of chickadees (my favorite bird) and they’ll get pretty close to you (hoping for a handout.) I’ve been to this park in both summer and winter – this photo was taken on a winter trip. People go to feed the […]

Cruising By

For such beautiful birds, these buggers are ornery. I spent about 20 minutes taking shots of this guy while he fought off geese, back and forth, in his part of the lake. I’m not sure what the geese thought they were going to get, but they seemed to enjoy pestering him. Kensington Metropark is a […]

Say Cheese

I’m fairly certain this guy had recently published a book, given the pose he liked to strike – ready for the back cover. I’d gone to the zoo with a group of other photographers to capture images of the jellyfish, though I wasn’t happy with any of my efforts in the aquarium building. I had […]

Beeing Hungry

I’m kind of surprised I’ve never gotten stung for as often as I’ve stuck a camera up close to bees going about their business. So far so good though! I found this little flower buzzer along the sidewalk while visiting Bay View Park on Lake Erie in Toledo. When I see them I like to […]