Birch Twins

I probably would have liked this shot better further into summer with some green… but then without that you can see more sky, too. In either case, I really wish this was the view from my back yard! This was across the highway from the Seacoast Resort on 28 near Au Train. Download: Birch_Twins-Asgard_Photography-IMG_2169.jpg Camera […]

Smooth Shores

There were several different framings of similar shots that I got on an evening after I’d checked into my motel. (Lake Superior was right on the other side of the road, so I of course had to take advantage of the lower evening light for some long exposure images.) I’d been playing with the settings, […]


While staying at the Seacoast Resort on a recent trip to the U.P., I took the opportunity to wander across the road to the Lake Superior shoreline there. The evening I checked in, the lighting was perfect for some longer exposure shots of the waves. While the “spaghetti effect” with waterfalls is very commonly seen, […]

Timeless Woods

For the life of me I can’t find this place on the map. It’s on the South side of the highway between Marquette and Au Train somewhere.  On this particular day I was driving toward Munising for a business meeting, but had my camera with me. I saw the foggy tree line and had to […]

Water Sky Land

There’s a small beach just outside of Munising that I stop at almost every time I drive through on my way to Marquette. It’s right across the highway from Scott Falls. And some lucky bugger has their house or camp just behind the trees in the middle of this picture. I was going for something […]