Goose in Charge

My first time to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens I think I went too early in the year – I’d expected more blooming things and there wasn’t really much. (I’d also been looking for a fairy display they supposedly had, but could not find any sign of it.) I still had fun exploring the trails, and […]

Sneaky Stroll

I’m pretty sure this is the worst documented case of stealth in the animal kingdom. You can practically hear the bird humming nonchalantly to himself while he thinks he’s sneaking up on lunch. This was taken on a walk along the Maumee River near Toledo, at Side Cut Metropark. I was able to get fairly […]

Nap Time

I’m often wishing for a bigger telephoto lens when I visit Kensington Metropark in Michigan… partially because I think it’s where all retired guys living in Michigan with large disposable incomes to spend on camera gear go. Gives me lens envy. lol Any way, I found that I liked having the pulled back shot on […]

Looking For Handouts

The best thing about Kensington Metropark in Michigan is that while you’re walking the trails you can feed several species of birds right from your hand. When you aren’t feeding them, they tend to follow you a while just to be sure you don’t have a handout. Chickadees are one of those that are the […]

Feather Ball

Kensington Metropark is one of my favorite parks to visit in Michigan. There’s usually lots of chickadees (my favorite bird) and they’ll get pretty close to you (hoping for a handout.) I’ve been to this park in both summer and winter – this photo was taken on a winter trip. People go to feed the […]

Cruising By

For such beautiful birds, these buggers are ornery. I spent about 20 minutes taking shots of this guy while he fought off geese, back and forth, in his part of the lake. I’m not sure what the geese thought they were going to get, but they seemed to enjoy pestering him. Kensington Metropark is a […]

Chick on a Stick

I think Chickadee’s are my favorite wild bird (of those I’ve encountered.) It’s been fun to see the few that come to my back yard feeder, but what’s great about the Kensington Metropark is that folks feed these guys enough that they’ll fly right onto your hand. There’s a few different species there that will […]