Frozen Woods

I’ve tried a handful of times to visit Marquette’s Black Rocks (at Presque Isle) before sunrise, to catch the sun coming up over Lake Superior. I’ve only manage it once where there weren’t too many clouds to actually see some sun. As a result, I’ve played around a lot with long exposure images, since it […]

Sand Drifts

I often stop along the shore of both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior when I travel back and forth from the U.P. – in this case I hadn’t actually intended to stop on this stretch of US2, but the snow and sand patterns caught my eye and I had to get a few shots. I […]

Frozen Rose

One one of my trips north, during the winter months, I’d stopped at Lake Superior on the edge of Marquette to look for a chance to take some ice photos. The weather wasn’t cooperating, however, and was very overcast and the light was very bad. That turned out to be perfect for a shot of […]

Edge of Blue Ice

This was taken with my first digital camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3) back when I first started roaming the outdoors looking for photos. It was the first time I heard a lot of talk about “blue ice” or at least the first time I’d noticed it myself. It was often way out in the water, […]

Nuclear Ice

Towards the end of winter I like to try to catch ice shots on the Great Lakes. In this case, it was at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area on the shore of Lake Erie in Ohio. Waves had pushed up the ice pretty high in some places, and while it was tempting to climb out on […]

Blackrocks Winter

I’ve sometimes tried to get out to Blackrocks (at Marquette’s Presque Isle) before the sun comes up so I can get some sunrise photos, but so far it’s always been too cloudy. However, it’s still a great time and place to play with longer exposures. This photo was one of several I took before the […]

Lake Michigan Evening

Any time I’m driving to or from the U.P. I often stop along Lake Michigan (which isn’t quite as awesome as Lake Superior, but still pretty great) to stretch my legs and play with the camera. So far I haven’t caught the waves acting up as easily as they do on Superior, but there have […]