Off the Path

This photo was taken a while ago, though I hadn’t though about posting it here since it was more just something I’d taken for myself than for trying to create an image to be shared. However, this last year I’d wanted to try out a canvas printing service and ended up sending them this photo […]

Driftwood Sky

I was tempted to photoshop some cooler waves into this… Lake Superior often messes with me. When I’m not there, I see photos posted on Facebook where the waves are several feet high, but as soon as I roll into town she calms right down. When you’re only in town for a few days, it’s […]

Driftwood and Stones

The driftwood looked like it was creating one of the stone stacks that are so popular along the Lake Superior shoreline these days.  One of my favorite places to be with a camera, is along Lake Superior on a stormy day. I’ve been trying to catch the lake in one of it’s moods for years, […]

Sand Monster

Just about any time I’m between Marquette and Munising I like to stop along the Lake Superior shoreline. Fortunately, this stop there were no black-flies, and a few different excuses to haul my camera around. At first I was frustrated with this driftwood because I couldn’t figure out how to compose a shot I liked, […]