Taking It In

Did you know that flowers get the brightness of their color by inhaling the blue sky? This shot was taken on one of my walks through Swan Creek Metropark in Toledo. They were actually pretty tall, but I spent a while trying to get just the right angle to match the trees and sky behind […]

Faery Crown

One of the places my dad liked to go with his camera was Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin. Gardening was one of his obsessions, and Olbrich has a very large sprawling collection of growing things to take interest in. On my last trip to visit my mom, we spent a few hours on a busy […]


I don’t know who planted them, but I found a few tulips growing outside of an apartment in Saline, Michigan that I lived in a few years back. I got several photos from them that I liked. The best part was that for many years as a kid, I made fun of my dad for […]

Beeing Hungry

I’m kind of surprised I’ve never gotten stung for as often as I’ve stuck a camera up close to bees going about their business. So far so good though! I found this little flower buzzer along the sidewalk while visiting Bay View Park on Lake Erie in Toledo. When I see them I like to […]