Frozen Stone

One one of my failed attempts to catch a sunrise in February at Presque Isle’s Black Rocks in Marquette, Michigan, I ended up instead playing around with some shots of the ice and snow. It was at sunrise, but the cloud cover kept it very dark, so I had to use exposures of at least […]

Waiting For The Thaw

Being a tree along Lake Superior is not an easy thing. Especially in the winter. This poor birch tree was standing guard at Presque Isle’s “Sunset Point” in Marquette, Michigan. I’d gone out to Black Rocks to try to catch a frozen sunrise over Lake Superior, though the clouds thwarted my plans for that. While […]

Blackrocks Winter

I’ve sometimes tried to get out to Blackrocks (at Marquette’s Presque Isle) before the sun comes up so I can get some sunrise photos, but so far it’s always been too cloudy. However, it’s still a great time and place to play with longer exposures. This photo was one of several I took before the […]