Baby Lake Carpet

Growing up in Ishpeming, I spent a lot of time at the Al Quaal park a few blocks from my house. There were lots of trails in the woods we rode our bikes on and wandered through. In our middle school years we hunted chipmunks with bb guns and hide our dirty magazines there too. […]

At Deer Lake

This photo was taken from a spot where I spent many hours fishing when I was a kid. We’d ride our bikes down and spend the day seeing what we can catch. (The map is actually wrong – the part of the lake this is from is along the South shore of the lower of […]

Ski the Sky

Ishpeming is my home town. It’s also the home of the National Ski Hall of Fame. This statue is located right out front between the building and the highway. I’m not sure if the photo is set up in a way that it’s obvious it’s someone on skis, but I really liked the light and […]

Hidden Faith

I’m not sure why, but I’m kind of fascinated with cemetery statues. Especially when they are older or are not being kept up well. In this case, I thought it was interesting that the shrub was growing over so much, it had been trimmed, but the people doing so weren’t really keeping it far enough […]