Sand Drifts

I often stop along the shore of both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior when I travel back and forth from the U.P. – in this case I hadn’t actually intended to stop on this stretch of US2, but the snow and sand patterns caught my eye and I had to get a few shots. I […]

Shell Sky

Lake Superior is my favorite, but on most trips I have fun stopping along Lake Michigan (in the Upper Peninsula) to stretch my legs and wander with my camera. I had some trouble getting the focus I wanted on this shot so ended up using a composite of two different shots. Still didn’t quite get […]

Hanging Out

There were a handful of butterflies hanging out on the shore of Lake Michigan on my way home from the Upper Peninsula recently. I wanted to switch lenses for my macro (I’d walked to the shore to get landscape shots) and get something more up close and personal, but I was already pushing things with […]

Lake Michigan Birch

This is probably my favorite shot I’ve taken along the North shore of Lake Michigan. It’s a stretch of beach I’ve become intimately familiar with through my years of traveling between Michigan’s peninsulas. In this particular case, I really liked the backlighting on the tree and the grass, and was happy with the amount of […]

Lake Michigan Evening

Any time I’m driving to or from the U.P. I often stop along Lake Michigan (which isn’t quite as awesome as Lake Superior, but still pretty great) to stretch my legs and play with the camera. So far I haven’t caught the waves acting up as easily as they do on Superior, but there have […]

Analog is Prologue

While taking some photos of the Mackinac Bridge around sunset, I found myself getting distracted by the other folks there to see the bridge (it had it’s Christmas lights on, which I’m guessing was part of the draw.) Rather than annoyed at the crowd though, I found it kind of fascinating for the silhouette – […]