Ghost Waters

Everyone likes using long exposures for waterfall shots, but I have more fun with the technique along the Lake Superior shoreline. I love the effects you can get from the waves, in the different weather. This one feels to me like a combination of waves and fog rolling in… I like the ethereal quality.  Download: Ghost_Waters-Asgard_Photography_IMG_0510.jpg […]

Water Walls

When I first looked at it on the map, I didn’t think I would enjoy O’Shaughnessy Reservoir as a photo stop. I prefer natural water falls to dams. But I ended up finding a lot that fascinated me. In particular, the left corner next to the main wall of the dam, had several stepped areas […]

Bridge Nightfall

My favorite thing about shooting at night or in the later evening is that you can play more easily with longer exposures. This photo was taken on my way back from a visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It usually takes me three times as long as it should to get from Marquette to the bridge, […]