Yin and Yang

On my last trip to Marquette, the road that runs around Presque Isle hadn’t been opened for the season yet, so I had to walk about a mile to get out to the area near Black Rocks. I was glad I did, since there were some interesting ice/snow formations that were gone within two days […]

Frozen Woods

I’ve tried a handful of times to visit Marquette’s Black Rocks (at Presque Isle) before sunrise, to catch the sun coming up over Lake Superior. I’ve only manage it once where there weren’t too many clouds to actually see some sun. As a result, I’ve played around a lot with long exposure images, since it […]

Presque Isle Sunset

I wasn’t really sure I liked the end result with this photo, but ironically when I printed it on canvas I found I liked it much better. On the computer screen, I think I feel critical because of the amount of editing and noise involved… but the texture of the canvas somehow smooths that out. […]

Rocky Roots

This was a difficult shot to get, and I’m still not 100% happy with it, because it was relatively dark and I didn’t really have the time to set up my tripod. (My son and I were hiking up Sugar Loaf and he reeeeeally wanted to get to the top.) There’s two trails up, this […]

Sunset Float

This is the essence of peace and calm, to me. Lake Superior can be tough and dangerous, but also so calming and relaxing. Combine it with a sunset and it’s just good for the soul. This was taken next to Black Rocks on Sunset Point (Presque Isle) in Marquette, Michigan. I’m not sure who was […]

Reaching Out

Every now and then my son gets a good deal when I bribe him to pose for a shot when we’re wandering the U.P. outdoors. For this shot he’s crouched down by a puddle at Black Rocks on Marquette’s Presque Isle. I took a little bit of Photoshop liberty in tweaking the photo… having the […]