Fuzzy Trio

This one sat unedited for a while because I wasn’t happy about the brown leaves and weeds in the background, and the depth of field wasn’t what I’d been trying for when I took the shot. But, how can you resist these fluffy little cuties?  One good reason to have a telephoto lens… momma goose […]

The Leaves Left

Sometimes with a photo I go back and forth on whether I like it or not. This one is one of those. Ultimately, I’m drawn back by the combination of the sharp lines in the branches and the smoothness of the reflection. I also like the opposing lightness of the branches and the darkness of […]

Sneaky Stroll

I’m pretty sure this is the worst documented case of stealth in the animal kingdom. You can practically hear the bird humming nonchalantly to himself while he thinks he’s sneaking up on lunch. This was taken on a walk along the Maumee River near Toledo, at Side Cut Metropark. I was able to get fairly […]


I try to stay from overly cliche or cheesy shots, but sometimes you just gotta go with it. In this case, the cheesy part is having part of the image stand out in color while the rest is black and white. Like a wah-wah pedal for guitar, it’s an effect that is really cool when […]

Fall Cathedral

There’s a long trail that runs on the North side of the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio. Depending on the weather the look and feel changes quite a bit. In this case, it was into the spring but leaves hadn’t grown on the trees yet. (Winter was a bit sluggish to leave this last year.) […]