Light in the Woods 2

There’s a previously posted version of this (more closely focused on the downed tree) but this one also has the sun itself and more of the surrounding trees. I’ve included an alternate of this alternate shot too, as I couldn’t decided which I liked better. You can  download either below, or click the thumbnail to […]

Nobody Sees Me

I’m not entirely sure if he thought I couldn’t see him… maybe he forgot he’d grown that rack on his head that kind of stuck out from all the green. I really liked this shot because when I see it I feel like both the deer and the viewer are both hiding and spying on […]

Toledo Sunset

Photography helps you to see more of what’s around you, and even better, things you’d normally miss. Having grown up in the U.P., it’s hard for me to not feel remote from nature in a place like Toledo, Ohio. However, on my way back from the liquor store one evening I was able to find […]

Hey Baby

One of the last photos taken on a recent trip to the Kensington Metropark in Michigan. Driving out, I saw this guy and two lady turkey friends he was trying to impress. For the record, turkeys are not super cooperative with having their picture taken. They’re kinda ornery.  Download: Hey_Baby-Asgard_Photography_IMG_0177.jpg Camera Settings F-stop: f/6.3 Exposure: 1/320 […]

Exploring Lake Superior

Putting my zoom lens to the test, this was taken from the top of Marquette’s Sugarloaf Mountain, looking down over Lake Superior. I took several shots of this, trying to get the right framing, finally settling on this one because the land was divided into three sections with the water also having three sections, and […]

Color Echo

On a visit to the Oakwoods Metropark in Michigan, I spent some time poking around the trail along the Huron River. I was initially trying to catch some wildlife photos of the birds that were there but they kept leaving at the slightest sound or movement. So I ended up with shots more along the […]