Lookout Fall

This walkway was just put in not that long ago and already looks like it’s been there decades… Lake Superior weather is not easy to, well, weather.  This is the lighthouse off of Presque Isle in Upper Michigan’s Marquette, seen from one of the beaches on the road to get to the island. I haven’t […]

Around the Bend

One of the challenges of going to a place over and over again with your camera is finding new things to shoot. I’ve gone many times to the Kensington Metropark near Milford, Michigan. It’s a great place to get up close to wildlife, as the birds are at this point extremely used to being fed […]

Cloudy Trails

Crosswinds Marsh in lower Michigan is one of the places I’ve got a few times and never gotten a shot I was completely happy with. Yet, it feels like a place where I would get shots I love. It’s just far enough out of the way that I haven’t made it more than a few […]

Follow The Sun

Of the several times I’ve visited Crosswinds Marsh in Michigan, I’ve gotten probably the lowest percentage of photos I was happy with. I think is is partially because half the time it’s been very crowded, but I think it also requires the clouds and lighting to be “just right” to go with the various landscape […]

Into Darkness

As awesome as trails through woods are, there’s just something about trails through darkened woods after sunset that make you think twice before going in. Most often when I’ve visited Wildwood Park it’s been overflowing with people (it’s a popular “nature” spot for Toledo and the surrounding area) but it helps if you go during […]

Fall Cathedral

There’s a long trail that runs on the North side of the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio. Depending on the weather the look and feel changes quite a bit. In this case, it was into the spring but leaves hadn’t grown on the trees yet. (Winter was a bit sluggish to leave this last year.) […]