Hunting Overkill

When you visit Lakenenland, one of the first things you’ll find (after the large dinosaur with a fish) is a gun boat in the pond by the entrance. I honestly hadn’t expected to see a boat with a machine gun that day. My guess is that if you’re duck hunting, this is probably more firepower […]

Duck Duck…

As much as geese are angry, ducks are skittish. I need to get a bigger zoom lens if I want to get more photos of these guys. This one took off right before I got into the position I was going for with the set up of the shot. I thought this ended up alright […]

The Leaves Left

Sometimes with a photo I go back and forth on whether I like it or not. This one is one of those. Ultimately, I’m drawn back by the combination of the sharp lines in the branches and the smoothness of the reflection. I also like the opposing lightness of the branches and the darkness of […]

Reaching Out

Every now and then my son gets a good deal when I bribe him to pose for a shot when we’re wandering the U.P. outdoors. For this shot he’s crouched down by a puddle at Black Rocks on Marquette’s Presque Isle. I took a little bit of Photoshop liberty in tweaking the photo… having the […]

Rock Bubble

On my latest trip back north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, my son was patient enough to spend a good chunk of outdoors time while dad lugged his camera gear along. This photo was one of my favorite taken on this trip. I’ve been playing with ways to use the glass ball that would be a […]

Color Echo

On a visit to the Oakwoods Metropark in Michigan, I spent some time poking around the trail along the Huron River. I was initially trying to catch some wildlife photos of the birds that were there but they kept leaving at the slightest sound or movement. So I ended up with shots more along the […]

Winter in the Woods

One of my favorite outdoor places near Toledo, Ohio, is the Side Cut Metropark along the Maumee river. While trying to politely chase after some deer, I happened by this view of the sunset through the trees at just the right time to catch some snowflakes, and was very happy with the dramatic nature of […]