Heavy Heart

Sometimes I get a composition by pure accident that I end up liking. In this case, I’d been walking through the cemetery after a lot of hiking through the woodsy trails nearby and was tired so hadn’t put much thought into it. But I ended up really liking the way everything in the shot moves […]


My dad is buried at Northland Chapel Gardens in Neguanee, Michigan (my brother used to sell cemetery plots there years and years ago.) Given that my dad enjoyed photography for most of his life it only seems fitting that sometimes when I visit, that I bring my camera and take some shots. 🙂  Not too […]

Hidden Faith

I’m not sure why, but I’m kind of fascinated with cemetery statues. Especially when they are older or are not being kept up well. In this case, I thought it was interesting that the shrub was growing over so much, it had been trimmed, but the people doing so weren’t really keeping it far enough […]