Distant Memory

Right before turning off on a road to explore the Laughing Whitefish area there’s a post office for Deerton, Michigan. Right near that, there’s a house that’s seen better days. Every time I see houses like this (there are many along the roads in the U.P. when you get out away from the towns) it […]

Erie Winter

Another version of a similar shot I posted recently… the same corner at Magee Marsh, but after about 15 minutes, the strong wind had completely changed the cloud structure and much more blue was visible. It felt very backward, given that there is no blue in the water. This is also pulled back a bit […]

Patriotic Monkey

Sometimes I end up with a photo that feels like a metaphor that I can’t pin down. I got a few of those a while back when a roadside fireworks store had put up several eye catching balloons. There have been dragons, dinosaurs, and this guy. I normally prefer landscape and wildlife, but these kinds […]

Shell Sky

Lake Superior is my favorite, but on most trips I have fun stopping along Lake Michigan (in the Upper Peninsula) to stretch my legs and wander with my camera. I had some trouble getting the focus I wanted on this shot so ended up using a composite of two different shots. Still didn’t quite get […]

Corn Clouds

I saw some great looking moody clouds out my window and wanted to catch the sun setting through them at a nearby river, but realized once I got on the road I wouldn’t beat the sun to where I wanted to be. So I ended up taking these on the side of a busy road […]

Taking It In

Did you know that flowers get the brightness of their color by inhaling the blue sky? This shot was taken on one of my walks through Swan Creek Metropark in Toledo. They were actually pretty tall, but I spent a while trying to get just the right angle to match the trees and sky behind […]

Dancing Hares

One of my favorite stops on a photography trip to the Dublin, Ohio area with a group of fellow photography enthusiasts was Ballantrae Community Park. The sculpture, called Dancing Hares, was created by Sophie Ryder. What you can’t see from the distance, is that there are somewhat random household objects embedded in the material. (You can […]