Frozen Sand

I will always like Lake Superior better, but Lake Michigan often does a good close second, depending on the location. This was taken at a common rest stop when I’m traveling to or from the U.P., at Naubinway Public Beach off of US2. One of the many random photography tips I’d read online at some […]

Winter Stones

I’d stopped on the shoreline near Presque Isle to try to get some shots of the ice, but wasn’t able to get close to where I wanted. Instead I found a nice juxtaposition of winter and summer. There were lots of patches of these wave washed rocks that were frozen in place along the shoreline. […]

Driftwood and Stones

The driftwood looked like it was creating one of the stone stacks that are so popular along the Lake Superior shoreline these days.  One of my favorite places to be with a camera, is along Lake Superior on a stormy day. I’ve been trying to catch the lake in one of it’s moods for years, […]