Looking for Lunch

Stopped to stretch my legs and point and shoot on my way out of Marquette… I thought it was interesting that with the waves picking up (they were getting bigger while you watched) the seagulls were looking for lunch. I’m guessing the waves kick up more food options? This was the last photo I took […]

Winter is Coming

This picture is the result of the advice often given to new photographers about always bringing your camera with you everywhere you go. I was driving home from somewhere and got to see this kind of freak storm roll in over Saline. It lasted about 30 minutes, and I don’t think I’ve seen one like […]

Stormy Paradise

If you drive anything that can handle an unpredictably rough road, you can visit one of the U.P. worst kept secrets, what I’ve always heard called “Paradise Beach”. On my way from Munising to Marquette, the weather was getting stormy but the sun kept peeking through, so I decided to brave the dirt road to […]

The Rain Cave

A while back I decided to buy a rain jacket for my camera off of Amazon. (Always a risk when you don’t know the product, but it seemed like a good idea.) It’s got a plastic rod that clicks into the flash slot on top of the camera, with a curve around the lens, and […]

Stones Become Sand

Probably one of the easiest things I read somewhere that has made the biggest difference in my photos was the advice to get the camera lower to the ground. It’s amazing how much it can change the perspective and feeling of an image. The reasoning is that a photo taken from head-level looks pretty normal […]