Presque Isle Sunset

I wasn’t really sure I liked the end result with this photo, but ironically when I printed it on canvas I found I liked it much better. On the computer screen, I think I feel critical because of the amount of editing and noise involved… but the texture of the canvas somehow smooths that out. […]

Green Shadows

I really like sunset shooting because of the contrast you can get with shadows. Though, on this one I spent way too much time fiddling with the coloring, especially the sky, to try to get it how I liked. Shooting in raw mode really helps with options when you’re back at your computer! Download: Green_Shadows-Asgard_Photography_IMG_0943.jpg […]

Sunset Float

This is the essence of peace and calm, to me. Lake Superior can be tough and dangerous, but also so calming and relaxing. Combine it with a sunset and it’s just good for the soul. This was taken next to Black Rocks on Sunset Point (Presque Isle) in Marquette, Michigan. I’m not sure who was […]

Corn Clouds

I saw some great looking moody clouds out my window and wanted to catch the sun setting through them at a nearby river, but realized once I got on the road I wouldn’t beat the sun to where I wanted to be. So I ended up taking these on the side of a busy road […]

Light in the Woods 2

There’s a previously posted version of this (more closely focused on the downed tree) but this one also has the sun itself and more of the surrounding trees. I’ve included an alternate of this alternate shot too, as I couldn’t decided which I liked better. You can  download either below, or click the thumbnail to […]

Sunset Shoreline

With my previous camera (Canon 70D) I used to do a lot of sunset photos, though the 80D seems to behave differently. I’m not sure if it’s model specific or individual camera specific, or what. In any case, one of my favorite places for sunsets is Presque Isle in Marquette. This was taken from one […]

Silhouette Sunset

After spending the day at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area along Lake Erie, I realized the sun was close to setting, so I decided to hang around and catch some sunset shots. I found a place that was just North of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (when you first turn in off the road toward Magee […]

Dam Sunset

After having stopped at the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir earlier in the day when the sun was directly above, a group of photographers I’d gone on a day outing with had decided we’d stop by again on our way home to catch the dam in a lower light setting to allow easier long exposure shots. I was […]