Silhouette Sunset

After spending the day at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area along Lake Erie, I realized the sun was close to setting, so I decided to hang around and catch some sunset shots. I found a place that was just North of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (when you first turn in off the road toward Magee […]

Dam Sunset

After having stopped at the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir earlier in the day when the sun was directly above, a group of photographers I’d gone on a day outing with had decided we’d stop by again on our way home to catch the dam in a lower light setting to allow easier long exposure shots. I was […]

Waiting and Watching

While I’m not a huge fan of the metal park bench vs. the old wooden look, I still thought this was a nice catch with the sun and clouds as they were. This was actually right across the road from Curtiss Park, looking over Mill Pond. Download: Waiting_and_Watching-Asgard_Photography_IMG_2496.jpg Camera Settings F-stop: f/29 Exposure: 1/125 seconds ISO: […]

Lake Michigan Evening

Any time I’m driving to or from the U.P. I often stop along Lake Michigan (which isn’t quite as awesome as Lake Superior, but still pretty great) to stretch my legs and play with the camera. So far I haven’t caught the waves acting up as easily as they do on Superior, but there have […]

Bridge Nightfall

My favorite thing about shooting at night or in the later evening is that you can play more easily with longer exposures. This photo was taken on my way back from a visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It usually takes me three times as long as it should to get from Marquette to the bridge, […]

Analog is Prologue

While taking some photos of the Mackinac Bridge around sunset, I found myself getting distracted by the other folks there to see the bridge (it had it’s Christmas lights on, which I’m guessing was part of the draw.) Rather than annoyed at the crowd though, I found it kind of fascinating for the silhouette – […]