Roots & Water

I’ve ended up focusing on this corner a few times, while visiting the remains of the Canal Locks in Maumee’s Side Cut Park. Depending on the previous rainfall, you can get some interesting shots of the man-made waterfalls at several spots, but I really like the combination of the green and roots and water. Download: […]

Erie Winter

Another version of a similar shot I posted recently… the same corner at Magee Marsh, but after about 15 minutes, the strong wind had completely changed the cloud structure and much more blue was visible. It felt very backward, given that there is no blue in the water. This is also pulled back a bit […]

Into Darkness

As awesome as trails through woods are, there’s just something about trails through darkened woods after sunset that make you think twice before going in. Most often when I’ve visited Wildwood Park it’s been overflowing with people (it’s a popular “nature” spot for Toledo and the surrounding area) but it helps if you go during […]

Corn Clouds

I saw some great looking moody clouds out my window and wanted to catch the sun setting through them at a nearby river, but realized once I got on the road I wouldn’t beat the sun to where I wanted to be. So I ended up taking these on the side of a busy road […]

Toledo Sunset

Photography helps you to see more of what’s around you, and even better, things you’d normally miss. Having grown up in the U.P., it’s hard for me to not feel remote from nature in a place like Toledo, Ohio. However, on my way back from the liquor store one evening I was able to find […]

Winter in the Woods

One of my favorite outdoor places near Toledo, Ohio, is the Side Cut Metropark along the Maumee river. While trying to politely chase after some deer, I happened by this view of the sunset through the trees at just the right time to catch some snowflakes, and was very happy with the dramatic nature of […]

Say Cheese

I’m fairly certain this guy had recently published a book, given the pose he liked to strike – ready for the back cover. I’d gone to the zoo with a group of other photographers to capture images of the jellyfish, though I wasn’t happy with any of my efforts in the aquarium building. I had […]

Beeing Hungry

I’m kind of surprised I’ve never gotten stung for as often as I’ve stuck a camera up close to bees going about their business. So far so good though! I found this little flower buzzer along the sidewalk while visiting Bay View Park on Lake Erie in Toledo. When I see them I like to […]