River Roots

The “smooth” waterfall shots always look better to me when you have something that has a hard edge contrasting within it. In this case, the roots do that a little bit at the top left. There are very few waterfalls near Toledo, so I try to visit frequently to catch different water levels and conditions. […]

Home of the Humming Fish

The closest open shoreline I’ve found on a Great Lake near Toledo has been out at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. (There’s also some birding trails there, and a LOT of tiny shells that seem to take the place of sand when I’ve been there in the summer.) This photo was taken at the corner when […]

Tree Peeking

This photo stuck out to me while going through the day’s shots because of the framing. I really like the little tree visible through the wall of leaves from nearer trees. This was shot from across the small Saline river that flows through Curiss Park in Saline, Michigan. (When I used to live in Saline […]

Worf Tree

When I was a kid I was never thrilled when my parents dragged me along to a garden (or greenhouse or craft store)… but age has it’s revenge. Now I love going and of course drag my own youngest against his will. This tree (bush?) is at the Olbrich Botanical Garden in Madison, Wisconsin. I […]

Waiting For The Thaw

Being a tree along Lake Superior is not an easy thing. Especially in the winter. This poor birch tree was standing guard at Presque Isle’s “Sunset Point” in Marquette, Michigan. I’d gone out to Black Rocks to try to catch a frozen sunrise over Lake Superior, though the clouds thwarted my plans for that. While […]

Middle Row

I’ve probably taken a bazillion pictures of this tree. It’s on the South side of a road that I take in and out of Saline, Michigan on a regular basis. I’ve never seen the field with crops that have grown very large (I’m not sure what they’re growing there) but depending on the clouds on […]