Ghost Rocks

My favorite use of long exposure isn’t waterfalls, but waves on a regular beach. I love what it does for waves washing over rocks or logs, etc. The smokey effect is pretty awesome. The trick is that it makes a huge difference exactly when the shot is taken. It’s probably a good situation to use […]

Calming Fall

Bond Falls is an impressive sight. It always strikes me, looking at a picture like this, how the long exposure creates a feeling of smooth and calm, but when you’re actually THERE at the waterfall, the raw power is overwhelming. There’s something to be said for a faster exposure in capturing the energy in the […]

Lookout Fall

This walkway was just put in not that long ago and already looks like it’s been there decades… Lake Superior weather is not easy to, well, weather.  This is the lighthouse off of Presque Isle in Upper Michigan’s Marquette, seen from one of the beaches on the road to get to the island. I haven’t […]

Front Row Sunset

Another example of “ninja street photography” for when you’re too shy to let people know you’re taking photos of them in public. It might be easy to miss in the shot, but there’s a couple here watching the sunset. One of the things you can almost always find at Marquette’s Presque Isle. I was also […]