Roots & Water

I’ve ended up focusing on this corner a few times, while visiting the remains of the Canal Locks in Maumee’s Side Cut Park. Depending on the previous rainfall, you can get some interesting shots of the man-made waterfalls at several spots, but I really like the combination of the green and roots and water. Download: […]

Water Walls

When I first looked at it on the map, I didn’t think I would enjoy O’Shaughnessy Reservoir as a photo stop. I prefer natural water falls to dams. But I ended up finding a lot that fascinated me. In particular, the left corner next to the main wall of the dam, had several stepped areas […]

Dam Sunset

After having stopped at the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir earlier in the day when the sun was directly above, a group of photographers I’d gone on a day outing with had decided we’d stop by again on our way home to catch the dam in a lower light setting to allow easier long exposure shots. I was […]

Water Shelves

Berea Falls near Cleveland, Ohio is one of my favorite non-U.P. waterfall locations to shoot at. I love the arches (not shown in this shot) and have yet to explore the whole area. This photo was taken on a trip where I’d hoped to catch some fall colors, but the water level was much lower […]

Sky Splash

About 95% of the photos I’ve taken close-up of waterfalls I’ve ended up not liking for various reasons… mostly issues with the wrong depth of field. But a few I’ve really liked – in this case it was the blue reflection of the sky and multiple images of the sun caught frozen, along with the […]

Trickle Before the Flood

On the way back from a trip to Hocking Hills State Park I decided to stop at the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir to try to get some sunset photos of the dam (I’d been there once before but was hoping for a “fall” look on the trees this time.) I was disappointed because the water was barely […]