Fly By

Sometimes the shots you like are planned out, sometimes they are happy accidents. This was taken while getting outdoors in the sunlight for some mental health time, bringing the camera along just in case. There turned out to be a larger number of herons than usual, fishing for their dinner. Rather than taking the time […]

Aw Nuts

I believe this is a red wing blackbird… taken on a trip to Kensington Metropark in Michigan a few years back. I wasn’t initially thrilled with the high ISO level (making it grainy) and the original framing of the shot, but more recently while going through older photos I decided to play with it a […]

Sitting Dragon

Very shortly after I got my new camera (in 2018) I brought it along with my mom and youngest son on a visit to the Botanical Garden in Madison, Wisconsin. I was terrified I was going to drop it in the pond, while trying to get a shot of one of these dragon flies. Fortunately, […]